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Release day in the UK!

Sarah Alexander

The day is finally here. Happy book birthday to me!

There are a million things to say but I'm all out of words. A great big thank you to everyone I know (and even people I don't know). You might not be aware of having helped, but you have - from words of encouragement to letting me voice my fears, from reminding me to breathe to making me eat, from being OK with me not being very sociable to forcing me to take a day off. For letting me talk about this book for three and half years. You are all amazeballs. The support you've given me means the world.




One week to go … a hint of my state of mind

Sarah Alexander

Warning: this post shouldn’t be taken too seriously (but I’m deadly serious).


Are you excited?
Will your book be in the shops?

What’s your book about?
Are you going to write another book?

These are questions that I get asked most days at the moment, and so I should have answers to them, and I’m a writer so I should have articulate responses.

OK, let’s try the first one.

Nice friendly people: Are you excited?

Me: Heart gets on the double beat, windpipe shrivels, fingers tingle, world jolts and blurs – in other words, PANIC.

Recent verbal responses include:


What’s the superlative for ‘nervous’? (My response to Non Pratt. Idiot. Me, not Non – Non is amazing and didn’t walk away when I said that even though she probably wanted to.)

Why would I be excited about people reading my book and judging me?

Shall we order a pizza?


Let’s try the second one.

Nice friendly people: Will your book be in the shops?

Me: Stomach flops about like a fish gasping for air, brain unravels and ties itself in knots, world spins into a tornado – in other words, PANIC.

Recent verbal responses include:



Hopefully not. Otherwise people might buy it and judge me.

Fancy a bacon sarnie?


Not going well, is it?

Nice friendly people: What’s your book about?

Me: Freezes, world stands still and sounds as though it’s under water, in other words …

Recent verbal responses include:

Um. People. Teenagers. Death.

I think this milk’s off.


Nice friendly people: Are you writing another book?

Me: Rolls around on the floor.

Recent verbal responses include:

Yes, of course I am – I’m a writer, duh!

Wait … I mean, no. I mean, yes, but I can’t tell what it’s about because you might judge me and I’d have to kill you.


Fortunately, I’ve learned a lot from these experiences and here are a few answers I prepared earlier.


Are you excited?

Yes! I’m nervous but I’m also bouncing of the walls with anticipation because, GUYS, I wrote a book – how exciting is that?  It has a beautiful cover and wonderful people have helped shape the book into something that will sit on shelves and be read. Sometimes, when I’m sitting at my desk at Day Job or trying to go to sleep, I have an urge to streak across the garden, flailing my arms and screaming in Swahili.

Will your book be in the shops?

Yes! WHSmith is doing a promotion in April – don’t miss out! It will also be in Waterstones, Foyles and selected independent stores. And, hey, if it’s not there, do ask for it.

What’s your book about?

It’s about loss, grieving and finding a way forward. It’s about things unsaid. It’s about the power of the ocean.

Are you going to write another book?

Yes, of course! In fact, I’m working on quite a few ideas but book number is well on its way. And I am SO excited about it. Right now, I’m having a huge amount of fun with my characters – they are trying to lead each other astray. I’ve already said too much – now I must kill you.


Sarah Alexander

It's a mere four weeks until THE ART OF NOT BREATHING bursts from beneath the waves and makes it's way to bookshops all over the UK! And there's a chance for YOU to win one of ten final copies. Huzzah! All you have to do is enter your details below. Good luck! (PS This one is UK only but there are lots more opportunities coming up.)

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The Art of Not Breathing

by Sarah Alexander

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