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1.      I've travelled to 52 countries but I also have a teeny weeny fear of flying.

2.      My top life experience to date is diving with manta rays in Thailand.

3.      I love being at altitude. Aint no mountain high enough.

4.      And at depth. (See #2)

5.      I gave myself a pretty serious vitamin D deficiency writing THE ART OF NOT BREATHING.

6.      When I was thirteen my SAT scores showed I had a reading age of nine.

7.      My favourite word is 'discombobulated'. Related to #6 - when I was actually nine, I used the word discombobulated in a school project. The teacher crossed it out and told me I couldn’t make up words. *Sighs*

8.      It takes me half an hour to decide whether to have tea or coffee (sometimes longer).

9.      I’ve been millimetres away from a great white shark’s teeth.

10.    I have virtually no sight in one eye.

11.      I really want a ginger cat called Horatio.

12.     My favourite band is The Kinks.

13.     I can’t burp. Weird.

14.     My favourite books are THE FARAWAY TREE series by Enid Blyton, THE BELL JAR by Sylvia Plath and THE BRONZE HORSEMAN trilogy by Paullina Simons. 

15.    I love jumping. In high school, I was the shortest girl in the year but the best high-jumper. I can’t go to a new place without taking a jumping picture, even though I have a busted ankle (which may or may not be from too much jumping).

16.    I totally believe in the Loch Ness monster.

The Art of Not Breathing